Posada Camarga Turismo Rural en SantiagoMillas (Maragatería)

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Surroundings, Historic Interest
Santiagomillas, declared a village of historic interest in 1998, lies in the heart of the Maragato region, in the foothills of the Teleno mountain and close to the St. Jame's pilgrimage route. It is well known for the typical Maragato architecture of its houses, with their stone walls and roofs of Arabian tiles. Especially noteworthy are the galleries, external corridors, arched entrances with huge blue tinted doors and the restored stone wells. The church, built in the traditional Maragato style, rises on a hill overlooking the two areas of the village.
The "Ventura Alonso" Museum of the Maragato Muleteers is installed in the old school building of the village, which has been carefully restored and is well worth a visit to discover the history and customs of the famous Maragato Muleteers.

The Route of the Maragato Villages
If you want to make the best use to this still fairly unknown area, ask us for information to help you enjoy all its attractions: the prettiest villages, where to buy the delicious León cured meats, the ethnographic museums, the landscapes...

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